Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cake Pops on Sky Mall Look-Alike!

I was standing in line at the fabric store this afternoon waiting to pay for some velcro.  As there were several people in front of me with multiple items in their baskets,  I took out my journal and pen and began to sketch the quite amazing things that were on offer in the region of the cash register.  As I sketched the Lint Lizard, I half expected someone to announce in a casual drawl that we were leveling off at 30,000 feet and it was okay to move around the cabin now.  Sky Mall!  My favorite reading material while flying!  This collection of amazing objects was straight from the pages of Sky Mall. 

I drew like mad, trying to get down as much as I could before I had to leave.  Unfortunately, the checker was a speedy guy, and I was in the middle of the gyro bowl when it was my turn.  But I kept my eye on the display, and when I finished checking out, I sidled on over and stood off to the side where I could still see the most wonderful item of all:  A kit for baking--- Cake Pops!  I loitered long enough to draw the box with the Bake Pop Baking Pan & Accessories and to go back and put finishing touches on the Clip-on Mock Camisole and the Trendy Top.  I have to admit that I felt a little odd standing there drawing these things and trying to look like I was doing important market research or something.

A few notes on process:  The Lint Lizard caught my eye first because I had fixed my son's clothes dryer last March when an enormous nest of lint was blocking the vent, and I could have used a Lint Lizard that day.  There was a photograph of it on its box, so I didn't actually draw from the real thing.  The Clip-On Mock Camisole and Trendy Top were in cardboard packages that were sealed for your safety, so once again I had to draw from the photographs.  Luckily they were good, clear shots! It felt more and more creepily Sky Mallish!

The Gyro Bowl was packaged in clear plastic so I got to see it.  I can't imagine how it works, but the copy promised that a child could fling it across the room and nothing would spill.  A lid automatically slides over the flying cereal thanks to centrifugal motion or something.  And the box of Cake Pop stuff was such a serendipitous find after yesterday's sighting of REAL cake pops at the bakery!  I wonder if the bakery bought this kit and used it to make its cake pops.  I longed to open it and check out the accessories (sticks?  little vials of sprinkles?  a plastic bag of cones?  and how wonderfully odd:  ice cream cones with ice cream that's made out of cake...  perfect if you like cones but not ice cream) but of course the whole box was sealed in plastic.

Sky Mall couldn't have done it better.

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