Saturday, July 6, 2013

Cake Pops (Again) and Flooded Pathways

Since I've embarked on this project, I notice that I look forward to standing in long lines.  I especially like being in the line at City Bakery, where the pastry and bread display reliably affords good things to draw.  Today the line was really long, and I was able to draw many loves of bread as well as a new kind of cake pop-- chocolate toffee-- and an oreo pie before I had to put away my pen and give my order.  But then I got to stand near the display and wait for my order, so I was able to put in textures and shadows.

The rain let up a bit today, so by 4:00 this afternoon my husband and I ventured out into the woods for the first time all week.  I stopped a drew a patch of little plants-- pipsissiwa in several stages of blooming and fruiting, a bright orange mushroom, and some safety-tape- yellow mushroom-like thing that looked like a sea creature.  But the most interesting feature of the trail was the presence, everywhere,  of water.  The path itself had become a stream in many places, and where water wasn't actually flowing or even sitting, the mud was saturated, slippery, and sticky.  We hopped from side to side over the creek that had formed.  After about 45 minutes, as we were sliding down some hilly parts, we heard thunder and the patter of rain on the leaves overhead.  Within five minutes we were in a downpour and arrived home drenched.  I noticed on the way inside that the slugs have returned to the ice plant.  There were 15 of them clinging to the high altitudes in the rain!

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  1. The rain is driving me mad ! Yesterday we did get a long period of sun, but it was so hot and humid that I stayed inside ... and sewed instead ! Today it is dark and the air is thick with wetness and very foggy.
    But, aside from my complaining about the weather .. I thought I would tell you that I am on page 10 of my little booklet/journal ... not hard to jot down a few words each day ! ... hope to sketch gallery visitors today !