Friday, July 19, 2013

Nothing Too Exciting

We're getting ready to go visit our son and his family in New Jersey next week, and one thing I'm doing is making a boxy bag for almost-four-year-old Nate to carry his treasures around in.  I made a wallet for his Mom our of a pigeon feed bag, and I scanned the picture of the pigeon and printed it out to use in Nate's bag box.  So the entire left side of the page is devoted to plan drawings for Nate's boxy bag. 

On the right at the top is a little faux-jewel-encrusted box that I've had for a while and that I think Nate would really like.  I've filled it with treasures and will put it in the secret treasure compartment in the flap of the bag.  In the evening we went out to eat with our friend Ann who had just arrived from Vermont, and I drew some diners across the room while we visited before dinner.

And then I drew more diners while we were waiting for the check.

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