Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Studio Day Sketches

On the right, an EXACT count of this morning's berry harvest.  A few raspberries and the last of the big blueberries with a few of the smaller blueberries.

I spent most of the day carving a very large relief print block on a 3 ft x 3 ft piece of MDF board.  At top left is my favorite little gouge, with which I did most of my carving today.  And next to it is the old barber's strop that kept the gouge sharp.  I'm only about 1/5 finished with the carving.  This block will be printed by a steamroller onto a very large piece of paper.

The rain returned today in full force.  My phone alerted me at least twenty times that a flash flood was imminent.  The drawing at bottom left is of the stone ram in our front garden as this afternoon's rain began.

And on the top right, as we drove along the freeway this evening, I was the passenger so I was able to do a quick sketch of another planting of pampas grass and its great pattern.  This was a young planting, and the grasses grew straight up like a bunch of little whisk brooms.

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