Sunday, July 21, 2013

Slugs Again

My porch tomatoes are finally ripening, but the slugs are getting to them faster than I can.

So when visiting friend Ann suggested a Japanese method of insect control that doesn't involve poison, I was ready to try it.  Drawing 197 is of a tomato on the plant still but inside of a plastic ziplock bag (which has a few small drainage holes).  Ann said the tomato needs to be bagged in plastic so that it still gets sunlight to ripen it; yet insects and slugs can't get inside the bag very easily, and rain or hose water can drip out the drainage holes.

I finished Nate's portable treasure chest, using an adjustable strap from an old Happy Back bag of mine. The bag material is a chicken feed bag with a recycled plastic-covered print-out of the pigeon appliqued.  Inside there are two secret compartments.

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