Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tiny Post

My friend Loy came over today for some parallel studio work, and while she tried out some different kinds of paint on some letterpress pieces, I drew some of the curious tiny things she had in a small box in her backpack.  All drawings were done actual size.  Top left:  a little glass vial with a ground glass stopper with an unidentified tiny thing in the bottom.  Top right:  a miniature pulley, for lifting tiny things that are too heavy to lift without a pulley (she explained).  Below the pulley:  a very small vertebra from a snake's backbone, one of several that were in a small glassine bag.  Bottom left:  small conjoined ceramic pigment pots filled with greenish watercolor paint that I made from clay I gathered from the old City Park tennis courts in New Orleans (this object is one of mine, and I made the pots in the manner of Etruscan cosmetics pots).  Bottom right:  a small primitive-fired ceramic replica of the Venus of Willendorf,  one of my studio things.

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