Monday, June 24, 2013

Three Drawings but Four Things

I drew Jesse twice before I even got out of bed this morning.  His favorite window right now is the one behind the plant, which requires that he leap up onto the chest of drawers and then slide between the plant and the wall and arrange himself perfectly while the plant stand is still wobbling from its near topple.  He will never approach the window from the other side where there is no plant stand.

Below Jesse on the left is a not-drawing (and hence un-numbered) but still an interesting artifact from the day:  this evening my journal group came over here to make watercolor paints from clay they had all gathered from around their neighborhoods.  This swatch is a sample of Michelle's Wyatt Brown.  It's smooth and perfectly creamy.

On the right under the other Jesse is a little amulet that I found while cleaning out the back of my car.  It was under the rug, and I have no idea who left it there.  Very few people ride in the back of my VW except for my granddaughter Maya.  I did carry a friend's backpack around for a couple of days last week as she had left it at my house and I needed to give it to her.  But she said she didn't have such an object.  I haven't checked with Maya yet.  I hope it's NOT Maya's because I would love to think it has come to me and is now mine.  It's made of bronze-looking metal and has intricate relief designs all around an eye.  The iris of the eye is a glittering blue stone.  To ward off the evil eye?  It has a hole pierced in the top, so it may have come off of an earring.  Anybody out there recognize this?


  1. I wish I could start my day drawing before I was even out of bed !
    The ladies room beckons first ... then a cup of coffee ... and today the awnings in the backyard were full of water that needed to be emptied (the ties that hold the awning taught are stretched out) ... and the pool needed to be backwashed before the rain made it overflow .. and I got thoroughly drenched doing it ! quite a deluge this morning !

    I am envious !

    Don't you just love 'catitude' ? I hope you get to keep the amulet ... I'm sure it's to ward off evil.

  2. So far so good on the amulet! ANd yes, the catitude! Tonight when a friend was leaving, Jesse walked behind her car and rolled in the driveway. I finally had to scoop him up and drag him onto the lawn so she could back out. He does this whenever possible, shows who rules the driveway!