Saturday, June 22, 2013

Documenting a Greasy Gunky Day

First up today:  our blueberries are finally coming in!  I went outside before breakfast and dug and mulched and in the process noticed seven ripe berries.  I brought them inside, and here they are (top right)  ready to be eaten!

My husband and I went this morning and got Maya's sewing machine, and I spent most of today taking it apart, cleaning, and exploring it.  Happily, it came with a manual, and although old and somewhat crumbly, the manual is missing only one page.  In the process of doing a preliminary cleaning, I noticed the bobbin winder had a worn-out-looking rubber ring that is supposed to make contact with the wheel when the bobbin is being wound.  The rubber ring was wobbly and dry and generally rough looking.  So I drew the part (bottom left of right hand page) and then took it apart so I could get the rubber thing off.  Drawing it helps me to understand how it works and especially how to put it back together after I take it apart.  I searched on eBay and found replacements for the entire part and then found for $3.00 a replacement for the rubber tire only, which is all I needed.  I also drew the face plate because it had the serial number stamped on it and I wanted to search on-line to see if I could find a date that corresponded to it.
The left hand page has notes that I took while researching, and on the right side I drew the original ratty-looking rubber tire as well as the entire bobbin winder after I had cleaned it up.  Close examination showed me that what I had assumed to be a carefully-machined tire was actually a slice hacked out of a 1917 or so rubber garden hose.   So much for all the time I spent fretting over the exact diameter of the replacement that I ordered! 


  1. Hi Gwen,
    I have always wanted to keep an art journal and I think that keeping an eye on your blog will help me get started ... very inspiring work !

  2. good luck with your journal! send some images!

  3. What kind of journal are you using? I love the different types of paper. Your drawings are wonderful!

  4. It's a journal that I made out of an old baguette chips bag and some Strathmore 500 series drawing paper and also some willow and abaca paper (the pinkish paper) that I made last spring. You can find the recipe for making this journal under Tutorial 2 on this blog, upper right, in the Topics column. I sewed the signatures directly into the cover of this journal, but the journal cover one in the tutorial is the same cover design.