Thursday, June 20, 2013

Even the Dentist Office is Less Awful if You're Drawing

For the first time I didn't see anything that I wanted to draw this morning.  I felt myself slipping into critical mode and judging everything as uninteresting, bland, not worth the trouble.  But I'm in the practice, right?  So I grabbed a half-dried-up pen and quickly sketched a little tin hanging creature that a friend made.  Drawing it I saw how pebbly and textured the surface was.

I was busy until 3:00 when I found myself in the dentist's waiting room with my journal for company.  I drew the tired potted plant, not very interesting but sort of soothing and better than reading the old copies of Better Homes and Gardens.  Then the hygienist had to leave me in the chair for a few minutes, so I slipped out and got my journal from my bag and drew what was in front of me-- a strange array of instruments.  They were half-covered with plastic cloth and had rubbery tubes coming off their bottoms.  Very clinical and unpleasant but surprisingly fun to draw.

Later at home I spent a while drawing Jesse , our cat.  Jesse is the most impossible -to-draw cat ever.  He can sense that I'm drawing him while he's asleep, and he slowly moves even in what seems to me to be deep sleep.  So none of these attempts are very accurate, but it was a pleasant half hour trying to nail Jesse.

 And here's a guest blogger:  my grandson Nate and his drawing of a three-legged cyclops.


  1. Whatever you draw is so good for me - (I have your book and love it)
    And your grandson will be a good journaling guy - it is so funny what he drew.

  2. What a sweetie - how lucky you are to have each other! I like his cyclops, pretty cool.. I like the idea of you humanising the dental landscape a bit too - kind of takes apart the fear of it all, doing something lovely in there.

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  4. Cool, I like three-legged cyclops. Go on Nate :D
    Even my nephew doing the same kind of drawing but still i didn't get to know what he is trying to draw. But I love him and his drawing too.

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