Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Quick late-night post

A quick run-down of today's finds:  a fat baby tomato with droplets from last night's rain;  a looming raptor-like bird staring down on traffic from a perch on the wire spanning Tunnel Road at 7:15 this morning in fog and drizzle;  the most attractive driveway of the Wells-Fargo drive-thru lane, which I drew while waiting for the bank to open at 5 till 9 this morning;  a woman getting a manicure and a woman giving a manicure at the Sun Room Spa and Salon this afternoon (this composite drawing contains MANY things, but I'm counting only the two women).  The manicurist talked the whole time and the manicuree looked alternately horrified and sad.  I couldn't see what was happening to the manicuree's hands, but the manicurist was gesturing emphatically with some kind of stick tool.  Over and Out.

1 comment:

  1. These are great Gwen - youre getting into it more and more by the looks of it... love the comment about the 2 women, who I first thought were a couple of guys having a beer at your kitchen table! theres lots going on, in these pages. Its fun watching what develops each day!