Friday, June 28, 2013

A Day that Starts and Ends with Tobacco Barn

My husband sat on the edge of the bed to put his shoes on this morning, and I grabbed my sketchbook and started drawing him.  He always frets a little when I say I'm going to go to the Tobacco Barn, hence the conversation in drawing #73.  Since he always says we can't fit any more stuff in our house, but then he ends up liking the things I drag in, I don't always tell him when I'm going poking around there.  And at the bottom of the page, a tiny bit of the morning garden.  On the right, a salt shaker that was on the table at the place my friend and I ate lunch after doing well at Tobacco Barn. (I told her she is my Tobacco Barn Spirit Guide because she's a great shopper while I am not good at digging through things to find the gold and so I give up before I find what I'm looking for.)

After lunch I went to my grand daughter's theater camp performance.  While I was sitting in the theater lobby waiting for my husband to turn up, I sketched the happy daddy holding a bouquet of flowers for each of his little girls.

On the left is a drawing I did in the semi-dark of Maya in her costume next to a piece of the stage set for Mars.  I especially liked her mustache, which she stroked frequently in between dancing, singing, doing cartwheels and acting out her part. 

And on the right:  the door I bought at Tobacco Barn!  It seems to be either a panel from an old folding screen or an old shutter or one of a pair of narrow doors.  Whatever it is, someone did a very sweet painting of what is described on the tag as "An Italian Countryside Scene" on it.  The moon is cut out of the wood, reminding me a bit of an old outhouse door, but I think it's too narrow for that, and the cut looks fairly recent anyway, so I'm guessing it's part of the countryside scene.  It funks up the back porch perfectly, and Phil likes it fine, especially since he didn't have to carry it to the car or from the car to the house.

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