Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Still going

Continuing onto the right hand side of yesterday's page, this morning I drew my trusty sage green Earth shoes that I've worn almost every day for the past three years.  These shoes are great for hiking, going out to dinner, running errands, walking miles.  They don't wear out.  A year after I bought them I went back to the store to try to buy a second pair since the first pair was still like new but I knew I wanted to have these shoes forever.  Sure enough they had stopped making them.  But the salesman managed to find the last pair, and it was just a half size too big.  I bought them of course, and the two identical pairs of shoes are still serving me well.

When I was walking downtown later this morning I looked down as I was getting ready to step off the curb and cross the street and spotted a bird painted in blue paint.  I love finding street art in unlikely places.  This bird reminded me of the great Stickman stenciled paintings in D.C. a few years ago.

Third on the page is my lavender-filled eye pillow that my friend Fran made for me out of old  kimono silk.

The left side of the page looks like a strange chicken doll, but it's actually two drawings done hours apart and completely out of scale to each other.  On the top is an African basket that lives in a corner of the bedroom, and underneath it is a small sack with an elephant garlic bulb in it.  I drew the garlic while waiting for dinner to finish cooking.  And then I quickly got in one more drawing just before eating-- a piece of kale from our garden that was on top of the vegetable and sausage concoction I had made.

The reason I'm publishing these is that I love looking at other people's small informal drawings to get ideas of the range of things that float in and out of their lives, and I'm thinking that maybe some of my sketches will spur you on to new ideas about things to notice.


  1. You're on fine form as usual, Gwen. I am crazy busy at the moment but managing to record some of my travels. Looking forward to India in July when I can relax and get drawing and writing again.....

  2. hi Gwen

    Looks like youre going well! its exciting to see what youre doing, the start of the ten thousand things. Reminds me of that lovely fellow from the Zen of Drawing - Frederick Franck and his gentle way of being and drawing.
    Enjoy the process, sounds like youre noticing and bringing more of what you see into being on paper and having fun doing it! Inspiring me to get back to my journal as well....

  3. What a great Challenge! I love your journals! I have been doing something similar in my journal....I just haven't been counting. I may have to join you!