Sunday, June 23, 2013

Short Post Today

All four of today's drawings are on this one page, but they were really slow drawings (except for the squirrel), and one of them is going to become a woodcut for use as a layer in a new piece I'm working on.  At the top, squirreling briskly across a wire that was overhead when I was sitting in traffic, this little rodent looked like some kind of carnival game where a tin squirrel shoots across and you try to knock it down with a bean bag.

Below the wire on the left and taking up a LOT of the page and a lot of the morning is a drawing of a place in our backyard where the woods is encroaching and we're letting it happen.  More woods, less lawn.  I wanted a drawing of unmanicured trees and bushes to enlarge and transfer to a large wood block.  The resulting print will figure somehow in a print I'm starting that combines severely topiaried trees from France and wild nature and also the cemetery in which the topiary lives.  It's part of a long-term series of parks and gardens that create unique topias. 

Across on the right at the bottom are more sewing machine parts, this time a spindle and bobbin case (or shuttle) that is so elegantly designed and beautifully crafted.  And to the far right is a recycled tin lantern that hangs on one of the posts of our bed and makes the bed look very Medieval to me.  I do need about five more of these plus a wonderful Gothic-looking wooden and stained glass confessional door that I found at Tobacco Barn while buying the sewing machine.  P is making grumbly noises about there not being any more room in the house etc.  I'm mentally rearranging everything so that the door could slide right in.

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