Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lazy Day Drawings

I had a lot of unscheduled time today so I spent a fair amount of time on these drawings, around half an hour on some, less on others.  Left side of page, first thing upon waking up, without wearing glasses, I wondered how much I could actually see and draw of the garden outside the bedroom window.  Oddly enough the longer I looked with relaxed eyes the clearer the general blur became.  So I decided to draw Jesse without wearing glasses, too.  Jesse had just come inside from his night catting around and was very sleepy.  As I drew he drooped down and down, millimeters at a time, until the second drawing when he is fast asleep with his nose buried in his paw.

On the right, I went out to the front garden where yellow celendine is blooming and picked a stem of bloom, leaves, and fruit.  I love this plant for its mustard-yellow sap, which, I was told by a docent at the Medieval garden at The Cloisters in NY, was used by Medieval manuscript illuminators as a substitute for gold when there was no gold in the budget. 
Later in the afternoon I took a walk and ended up at the end of our block across the road from the ruin of an old brick silo.  I love the patterns that the sun makes inside the openings at different times of the day.  I would like to make a kind of clock out of the silo patterns, but the patterns not only change during the day:  they also change as the seasons change.  At 4:00 in the afternoon in June the window patterns are not quite the same as they are at 4:00 in December.

Later still I went to a meeting about a steamroller printing project that a group of us are getting involved in at BookWorks. 

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