Sunday, June 30, 2013

Jesse's Collectibles

Once a  month when our house gets a good cleaning, our cleaner finds all of Jesse's toy mousies and lines them up on the cedar chest in the dining room.  We then put them all around the house for Jesse, and within a day or two he's lost all of them again except for the Pristine Mousie and Least Favorite Mousie.  These two look like they looked the day we brought them home from the pet supply store.  We usually leave them out though, thinking that they might grow in allure in the absence of the more-favored mousies, but they never do.  It's easy to tell which is his Number 1 favorite-- it no longer looks like a mouse but more like a wad of lint wrapped around a plastic egg.  The second tier of mousies look more like Velveteen Rabbits, all chewed on and scuffed up but still recognizable.

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  1. Hi ... joined a few days ago and was inspired to 'journal'.
    I started with written words on a 2"x4" strip of waste paper (making pattern for covers for camper cushions from scratch) accordian folded.
    I thought if I could keep a mental note to document each day (16 days) in a general way then, maybe, I could graduate to drawing things I see/do on a daily basis. It is right beside my computer keyboard so that I won't forget ;)
    I will post photo on my blog when I get a few more pages done.