Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tiny Hanks of Yarn; Animal Head Charlottes and a Link to Their History!

 These four small hanks of wool yarn contain 8 yards each, enough to shoot a row of bright color through the rather boring infinity scarf that I'm slowly knitting while "teaching" Lindsay and Maya to knit, leaning heavily on YouTubes.  Lindsay has already finished hers and it is gorgeous.  Maya is racing along and using wonderful colors.  I went wandering over to the yarn store downtown on my walk this afternoon and was very excited to find these for 69 cents each.  I bought 8, each a slightly different intensity of the same basic three hues.
And here are today's totem animal heads and their charlottes.  If you haven't any idea what the charlottes are and you want to know, go to this link.  My charlottes are real charlottes but were factory rejects from a factory in Dresden, a fact that greatly enhances their poignancy, in my opinion.