Friday, December 11, 2015

Serfs; Reds

Maya's sixth grade put on a Medieval Fair today as the culminating event of their unit on the Medieval period.  On the left are a boy serf sitting down in the middle of the floor before everything began, and Maya in her serf's costume.  Each child sat at a table with examples of tools, food, crafts, weapons,  and clothing appropriate to his or her rank or job;  during the fair the children answered questions about their position in the Medieval world.  As a serf Maya had a loaf of very dark bread, some root vegetables, and some herbs in front of her and answered questions about how the Black Death had affected her, what she did all day,  her relationship to the lord and his family, what her house was like, etc.  Excellent!

On the right are two more of the little hanks of wool, the top one in cadmium red and the bottom in crimson.

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