Saturday, December 5, 2015

In Which Kate Poses, Grooms, Smiles, Yawns

Kate is D and H's small mop-like dog.  She's a cute dog, but she has a sharp, piercing bark when she wants attention.  I'm not completely comfortable around dogs, but I've grown to really like Kate.  I can scratch her tiny pointy head and she doesn't try to bite like Jesse does;  I can pick her up and she squirms and scrabbles but never scratches.  As a non-dog-fan I'm clueless about breeds of dogs, and I'm not even good at recognizing dogs.  Today Kate and I were alone in the house for a while, so I decided to really look at her, and the best way for me to do that is to draw her.  At first she looked like a mop head.

 Then she fell asleep, and I had the chance to really study her.  I noticed that her long wavy fur parts into little sections over her ears.  When she woke up she stared at me for a few seconds and I was able to sketch her face with my eyes and I noticed her straight, shelf-like bangs that D cut the other night while we were visiting.  I also saw her collar pendant.

When she started grooming, she looked like Jesse only a bit less elegant.  Jesse stretches out his rear leg like the yogi that he is;  but Kate kind of buries her head over her stubby little back leg with her other three legs splayed out.  She looked up and smiled, and that is something Jesse has never done.  Finally she unhinged her jaw and made a tremendous yawn, baring her overshot lower front teeth.  The last and only other time that I drew Kate she was wearing her wedding dress and dancing with L.  She was all mine today, and I really enjoyed seeing her.