Monday, December 14, 2015

Nothing Much-- Drawings from the Car Line Mostly

I spent a large portion of this afternoon in my car, the first part of which consisted of sitting in the car line at Maya's school.  There's really not much to see from the car line.  I tried to find exciting and interesting things to draw, and luckily the house that I was idling next to had put some ornaments on a tree in their yard and even on their chain link fence.  The house itself is mildly interesting, bermed in the hillside as it is, with a crooked little chimney that looks like it was built out of cinder blocks and balanced on the roof peak.
Later at home I saw a pretty sickle moon just at perfect twilight, caught in the branches of a big tree across the street.  Maya and I had bought a challah for dinner, and here it is in all its eggy glory before we three devoured it with chicken patties and lettuce and tomatoes and clementines..

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