Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Experiments with Dice: Lab Notes

At the top is rainy day Jesse, giving up on ever getting outside again, it seems, and making the most of his inside tenure.  All the rest of these are my experiment notes made while designing a five-sided die (made of Sculpy) that would work so that every side could come up.  I made some others last week, but discovered that only a couple of the sides ever landed facing up.  Today I recorded by drawing  the position of the die after each toss.  Happily, after a few adjustments in the angles of some of the faces, I finally achieved a die that will land on all five faces.  6221:  hare;  6222:  cat;  6223: bear;  6224:  hare again;  
6225:  penguin;  6226:  bird.  The stamp prints are from the stamps I used to incise and ink the figures on the die.  Tomorrow I will bake the die and then polish it a bit.

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