Thursday, December 3, 2015

Paperwhites: Antique Marbles

It's that paperweight time of year, but this year's single bulb is slow to do anything.  It has been sitting for over a week in its little pot of daily-misted soil.  I think these things do better in a shallow bed of stones and water.

I love these old marbles from an antique store in Goshen, Indiana.  They're made of some kind of rough ceramic and look like miniature globes.


  1. Your lovely paperwhite tips are like those Norse chessmen, solid and grounded.

    I grow them every year. I find they are sturdier in soil but they do take longer. I usually do mine in gravel and just accept they are going to flop over after they get tall. If they lasted more than one go I'd probably do them differently but they are an ephemeral winter pleasure.

  2. looks like a weird wonderful landscape complete with "paper weights". (drat that spell check). spell check drives me nuts. my mistakes are goofy enough without intervention...

  3. Good information about *paperweights* ,CK, and I love the comparison to chessmen amd a landscape! Gives me ideas for a series of these! Paperwhites vs Marbles----