Monday, December 7, 2015

Floodscapes, Ominous Light

 Walking along the recently flooded west River Trail late this afternoon I am most interested in the shapes, shadows, and light as they shift and reconfigure constantly.  There seem to me to be three colors-- ochre for the dead grasses, Payne's grey for medium shadows, and blackish green for the deep shadows and looming clouds
I sketch the four squashed-together scenes while walking past and through them;  the two on the bottom require a pause along the trail.  It is very dramatic with the light, the sky, the shadows, and the rain-swollen river racing past.  A new trail has been deposited on top of the old one in places:  whole deposits of brown leaves have been washed away and in their place is now river sand.  The trail-side vegetation (grass and wild onions mostly) is bent almost flat in places and looks like hair with comb tracks.

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