Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Shelter at Midwinter; Five-Sided Dice

M and I squeezed in a solstice hike this afternoon in between rain showers.  We went up Jones Mountain to an overlook, where we caught some feeble sunlight, but sunlight nevertheless.  Then we headed down the overgrown path that we have taken before to get to a shelter.  I painted these three from photographs that I took for reference.  On the right is sunset at 2:30 PM from below the ridge and through the trees.  Officially the sun was not setting until 5:35 or so, but from where we were at this point it was already slipping behind the nearby mountain top.  On the right are two sketches of the shelter, which has picked up some holes where leaf packing seems to have blown off, but the shelter is still standing, and its underpinnings seem sturdy.
Tonight I made some Sculpey dice and stamped my totem prints on them.  I'm not completely happy with the way the dice work, but I like the way the stamps print on the fired clay.  I won't be doing much on them for the next week-- company coming tomorrow and staying through the weekend, but next week I'll get back on this project.

I may not get to post this week but will keep drawing; and if I don't post, I'll do a catch-up next week.

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