Sunday, August 30, 2015

What I'm Liking to Look at Today

I was leaning on the kitchen counter this morning and I couldn't stop looking at the great colors on the back cover of my new sketchbook (made out of the Trader Joe bag that N so kindly brought me from Santa Fe).  In the dull grey of this --let's just say it-- gloomy-light  morning, the colors warmed up the whole kitchen, and I couldn't stop drinking it in.  Then and there I decided that today I would draw the things my eyes wanted to look at.

A little later I was dispatched by P to go to Lowe's for the exciting purchase of a new water filter for the sink.  He would install it if I would get it.  I made the drive while on the lookout for something wonderful to see.  And of course there were the patterned grasses growing at the exit ramp, and I made a quick sketch to help remember while at the red light at the next intersection.  I love the shadow shapes and the pattern of the stems under the cloud of seed heads.  They made me think of the patterns that I so love in Egyptian (and other) art;  so when I got home I drew mummy man's patterned inner coffin, which I was trying out in the outer coffin before it got completely hard.  Happily, the cover fits fine and the bandaged mummy fits perfectly within.

P and I went for a walk in the greyness, and the bright flowers of the Jerusalem artichoke plants that flourish in the woods near the old  apple orchard were great to look at.  I picked a handful to draw at home.  Once I started drawing I zeroed in on the patterns and slight shifts in formation that the flower parts move into and out of on the road to seed production.

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