Saturday, August 1, 2015

Wedding in the Clouds of Hydrangeas

These sketches are all unfinished, done on the fly.  I carried my sketchbook all day, and whenever I could I drew.  On the left is Maya's basket that held the two rings resting on a satin pillow,  under a bed of flower petals that she scattered along the path through the backyard as she began the bridal  procession.  Here's Jacob doing some photographs of the yard, flowers, garden trellis, and basket before the ceremony began.  And on the right, Lynn's lovely and delicious chicken and olive pastries, which were part of the hors d'oeuvres that she fixed for the time between the ceremony and the reception while Jacob was taking formal photographs and those  not involved were dancing and talking.  (For photos see, where the wedding photographs will be posted.)
A couple of drawings of the garden trellis after Lindsay, Maya, and Phil and I draped the peachy pink satin over it and Maya and Lindsay tied it to the trellis with satin bows and attached the flowers.  Earlier, Jacob, Sam and I had decorated the backyard with pots of flowering plants and vases of hydrangeas in front of the trellis.  On the right is a not-very-accurate sketch of Hillary taken while she was posing for numerous photos.
On the left is David plus another attempt of him as well as a detail of the trellis.  On the right is Jacob hidden behind the flowers and under the trellis drapery while taking a group selfie.  On the far right is a kind of composite of the two fathers, who were co-celebrants and had to sign papers afterwards.
Finally some people sitting still!  Here's Lynn on the left, and the back of Maya showing her curly hair and wreath.  On the right are two sketches of Lindsay dancing with Kate the dog, who wore her wedding dress and was a fine participant.

The last group photograph was a selfie of the kids and David and Hillary all jumping for joy together.  This took many attempts to get everyone off the ground simultaneously!  On the right is David showing everybody how to do it.  A perfect day!  We concluded the celebrations with dinner at the Grove Park Inn Sunset Terrace.