Sunday, August 16, 2015

Creepy Little Toy Shop

Nate likes mummies, especially mummies with bandages.  When we saw one at the Met last month, he borrowed my phone and carefully took pictures of the bandaged mummy.  Maya likes sculpture, and she told me the other day about some air-drying clay that she uses to customize her Littlest Petshop animals.  We went to AC Moore and bought some for us, and we decided to make a toy mummy for Nate.  At the top are some preliminary sketches based on Nate's photographs from the Met.

Above are drawings of the two mummy starts that I made today.  The air-dry clay is quite wonderful: it's nice to model with, and it dries in about 24 hours to a kind of instant papier mache-like quality.  The figures that I made are supposed to be the mummified body with a few bones thrown in for verisimilitude.  The clay is terra cotta colored, sore of like mummified skin.  I used acrylic to paint the mask, using gold and cadmium red medium.  Nate loves gold, so the outer case, not yet made, will have lots of gold designs.  We are going to sew a bandage-like shroud out of scraps from the garden trellis seat cushions, which are off-white cotton, when Maya comes to spend the night this week.

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