Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Seed Factories Gearing Up Again

When M and I were walking last Friday morning we cut through the college garden and I spied a Mexican sunflower plant on fire with dozens of vermillion flowers.  I usually have a couple of these in my garden, but this year the Rudbeckia overtook everything, and the Mexican sunflower seeds never sprouted.  So I searched the bottom branches of this plant until I found a single almost-dried flower.  The birds usually get all the seeds from these flowers, but I thought an underneath one might have a few seeds in it.

It has been sitting on my drawing table for a few days now, and I started loosening the dried up flowerets.  I was happy to find a few of the little torpedo-shaped seeds.  They seem small, but maybe if I sprout them in the garden under a glass bell I can get a plant or two next summer.  Love it when the flowers start turning to seeds.

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