Monday, August 24, 2015

Curiosities and Oddities

I love to draw other peoples' collections, and my friend J has one of the best ever.  Book Club met at her house today, and most of these drawings are of things that I have no name for but that are strange and lovely and evocative.
After I got home I drew Nate's mummy, who now has his bandages and is looking very solemn and boy-priestly.  Next up:  his coffin!


  1. For a few years, I had this urge to find mummify a Barbie doll with waxed fabric. It was one of those things where your imagination just seizes you and convinces you it's a good idea, but I never figured out exactly how I wanted to do it, so I didn't. And now the urge has passed.

    1. Yes I understand that urge! This mummy is made out of air dry clay. I like the idea of mummifying a Barbie. But how would you mummify plastic??