Monday, August 3, 2015


My mother used to tell us, with the air of presenting a great treat, "Run outside and pick some figs for your breakfast!  They're still warm from the sun!"  And then she could sit back and drink her coffee while the four or five of us scrambled all over the fig trees in the side yard, slurping those figs and dropping the skins on the ground; and no dishes or egg pans to wash  up,  no damp Cheerios to strain into the sink and dump limply into the garbage.

I can never pass by a fig even now without getting excited and bringing home a basketful.
a leftover boutonnière from the wedding


  1. Makes me think of brandy soaked figs!

  2. i had fig ice cream last night in bar harbor--the same shop where mr obama had ice cream.

  3. Those figs look incredible! I don't know how you got the different sheens on them! Beautiful work, my friend! Love the boutonniere too! ♥

  4. Thanks for the comments! That fig sheen is white gouache magically transformed by scanning into fig sheen!