Thursday, August 20, 2015

Green Fig, Long Thin Tomato

On the table at Fran's house today were a small green fig and a strangely shaped tomato paste tomato that looked more like a sweet pepper of some kind.  Since I am consumed with envy over her fig tree and her enormous and fruit-laden tomato plants, I decided to draw these guys, making two drawings of the tomato.   She thinks the paste tomato might be a Roma.  I have never seen such a long tomato.  Her fig tree and my pathetic fig tree are siblings.  Hers is about six feet tall and laden with green figs;  mine is about ten inches tall and has zero fruit.  She had picked the green fig to see if it would ripen in the house since it doesn't seem to be ripening on the tree, and the weather is getting slightly cooler.

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