Friday, July 11, 2014

Various Groomings and Other Details

I let Jesse out the back porch door this morning and watched him start his day.  He sat on the top step of the stairs going from the patio down to the yard .  He sat still, moving only his head, sniffing and listening I am guessing.  Every now and then he's look to the left or the right.
Then after a few  minutes he came back to the back door and meowed to be let in.  He likes a little yogurt every morning, and the ritual is exact:  First he licks from the spoon ;  then he jumps down from the counter and waits at his food place till I put the yogurt (in a little blue ceramic dish) in the spot next to his water bowl.  After a little yogurt, he went back out to the porch and settled into some grooming.
Late this afternoon and into the evening J and I hiked the River Trail from Owen Park to partway up the trail;  then we turned around and headed back to the park, where we found many ducks and geese busily herding their babies around, snacking on seaweed and bugs, and doing lots of duck grooming.  I've never sat and watched ducks groom before, and it was fascinating.  J took lots of photographs.  Be sure to see his blog at Jacob Diehn Photographer to see the finished photographs.
We spent a lot of time along the river.  J wanted to take some shots from in the water, so pn the left you can see him setting up a shot, balancing on some algae-covered rocks in the middle of a riffle area with rushing water and lots of rocks.  Along the bottom are some grooming ducks and then some ducks settling down for the night.
It was really hot and buggy and damp and sticky, so of course J ended up in the river, the heck with e coli!  I urged him to keep his mouth closed!  And he took a cool shower while I fixed dinner. 


  1. Hi, Gwen. I love your books and just came across your blog. Do you have a way to subscribe by email? I don't see one, but I thought I'd ask, just to be sure I didn't miss it.

    1. Susan- If you chick on "follow" I believe you'll get email notifications of updates if you choose that setting. Also, I always link to my FB page, and if we're FB friends maybe you will get notifications that way. Finally, a more circuitous route is to go to my author's page on Amazon and click on the link to my blog, which automatically updates every time I post. I post almost everyday, so you could just open the blog to check. I would first try following the blog. Also try using different browsers. Some of the blogs I follow don't show up in some browsers.

  2. I love to read about Jesse's feelings and habits!

  3. I know, Anneliese! I always think of you when I get on a Jesse streak! Here's a Jesse story for you: yesterday morning I was weeding the garden along the front walk where Jesse likes to hang out. He is always happy when we come out and work in his garden. He would lunge at me as soon as I pulled a weed and began to shake the dirt off of it. While I was pulling the weed he would crouch down in stalking position, and then I had to quickly drop the weed or he would grab it from me. He is SO fast! He seemed to think he was helping.