Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Drawing While Devouring Tapas

 When we were in Barcelona last April we became complete fans of Catalan and Spanish food.  What fun to get to eat it here in Asheville tonight at Curate!  Curate is fantastic, but if you want to eat there, two months before you want to go, you need to go on line and make your reservation.  And you DO want to eat there!  At top left is a sunflower from a bunch in a giant vase set on a ledge by a window near our table.  The circular things are part of a light fixture.  Everything else on this page is food that was rapidly disappearing as I was sketching:  potato and onion tart, fried potatoes, bread with tomatoes and manchego cheese, cava (sparkling white champagne-like wine).  We also had an assortment of olives that were gone before I got around to sketching them.
At the top my favorite spinach with raisins, apples, pine nuts;  and across the page an incomparable shrimp and garlic and bayleaf and small pepper dish.  At the bottom are two people from another table.  We also had crema catalunya (a kind of creme caramel) that we ate so fast I never got to draw it!  Thank you Erik and Kerstin!

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