Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tonight, my night to cook since I wimped out last night, I did the wonderful paella rice bag recipe from a couple of weeks ago.  This time I added the lone baby okra pod from the garden.  On this page are all the garden ingredients I used in the paella along with the shrimp and tomoatoes and onion and celery and saffron and bouillion and rice)  Here is one of our evil eye dinner plates loaded with Swiss chard awaiting its serving of paella on top of the bed of chard;  the baby okra pod;  and on the other side, herb scissors, a gift of my son M and his wife A.  It's a fun-to-use device that has five blades and chops your herbs as easily as cutting a single strand of green onion.  In the middle is a basil leaf, and below that are the scissors in their snazzy case with some fresh-cut basil ribbons ready to sprinkle over the dinner.

This is a great recipe to cook because it has many pauses for the cook built in -- 10 minutes with nothing to do but read or draw while the shrimp simmers;  10 minutes while the vegetables simmer, etc.  My kind of cooking!

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