Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Drawing People Watching Power Points

J finished his summer internship today, and we went to hear the presentations that the kids made.  It was a perfect time to draw hair and heads.  We sat at tables, all facing front, so I could put my book on my lap and not be obvious while I drew.  The people in the audience held really still because the kids all had to do power points as well as talk, and it seems that most people read the power points while the presenters read them.  There were so many really great hairdos!
I did run into some trouble when I tried to draw the speakers because they were moving a bit.  That's J on the right, finally looking like himself in the bottom center attempt.
I had forgotten how much fun it is to draw faces and heads!  The presentations were good, too!  (I can always listen better while I draw for some reason.)


  1. I recognize each of those people from the audience...I think J is most apparent in the top center sketch though. Good to spend a little time with you guys today...

  2. Yes, always good to be with you! And thanks for A Griffith suggestion! (At least we didn't make you pray before watching, as my grandparents made us do). We DID start the Ken Branaugh Wallander last night-- excellent!