Friday, July 25, 2014

Jesse Falling Asleep and Waking Up, a Slow Motion Study

Tomorrow we're leaving very early for New Jersey and then New Hampshire,  bringing Maya along to visit with her cousins and aunts and uncles;  so today Jesse had to check in to the boarding kennel.  He knew something was up this morning, as he always does when luggage appears.  He hung around with me in my studio, and I drew this series of him falling asleep in the back window.
Then something outside attracted his attention, and these two drawings show him rising to alertness, keeping his eye on whatever it was outside that had awakened him.
Jacob and I had a French conversation lunch at the Battery Park Book Exchange downtown, and we were joined by this sweet little border collie that belongs to the owner of the BX.  She shook hands, sat, played dead in exchange for small pieces of turkey.  Then she just stood next to our table and grinned at us while we had our conversation and ate our lunch.
After lunch Jacob wandered around looking for things to photograph and I found a quiet spot to sit and draw two faux deer heads that hang on the walls.  After that we went down to the warehouse district along the river and parked under the high freeway bridges.  J took photographs which he said he will be posting tonight on his blog , so check soon to see them.  He was finally able to buy a wide angle lens and was experimenting with that today.  We definitely plan on returning to this location later.

I may not post during the next week and a half, but I will be drawing, and I'll do a big catch-up post when we get home.  Then again, my new phone may be better at taking pictures, and if that's the case and I can post, I'll make some interim posts.