Thursday, July 17, 2014

The More You Look the More You See

Today I bought a little plastic pot with four okra starts in it.  My current okra plants seem thin and weedy and aren't producing much.  I think they got off to a bad start and then began making pods when they were still teenaged plants.  So I thought I would start over with sturdy plants from our Whole Foods/Greenlife grocery and see if they can catch up.  They're almost as big as my two month old plants already.

I used the slow slow relaxed method to paint them, only I didn't draw at all.  I relaxed the brush into the puddle of paint, and then I draped it and pulled it across the paper.  I broke in the middle of painting to go have dinner.  It usually takes my eyes a long time to start really seeing more and more, but after the break they snapped right back into the seeing.  I luckily have excellent close vision, no glasses needed;  so it is pure pleasure to sink deeper and deeper into the spaces and levels and tones and shadows.


  1. Beautiful paintings. Did you use watercolor in them?

  2. Yes just watercolor, nothing else. Thanks!