Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sheep and Fox!

There's really only one of these teething sheep, but they were so much fun to pose and draw that I couldn't stop;  and now they look like a flock, including one who is rolling on the ground.
The sheep is made of white terrycloth with a blue terrycloth head, tail, and legs.  Here she looks like she's running.  (Shortly after we finished making the sheep and fox, I saw the real flock of sheep that live around here all running across the field where they're grazing.)  We especially love the fact that we designed the pattern for the sheep.  We kept track of improvements to make the next time we make it.

The little fox on the right is make of thick orange and white felt-like material.  M says he looks "young" and smart, and I agree.  We invented a way to make this fox stand up without falling over, as the first one we made does.  The pattern doesn't call for a flat bottom, but we had the same idea at the same time when we saw the fox standing up on his flat stuffed bottom before we sewed the bottom seam.  We cut out a circle of felt, turned under a hem, and sewed it to cover the flat circle of stuffing.

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