Monday, July 7, 2014

Stalking the Stalkers

We haven't had much wild turkey action this summer, now that I have my garden barricaded and turkey-proofed.  But yesterday and today two mothers and a flock of adolescents-- jakes and jennies according to the wild turkey website I looked at-- arrived.  There were around 14 of the little ones, and everyone was making a sweep of the lawn and ivy-covered areas cleaning up bugs, which is fine with me.  I wish they had an appetite for the Japanese beetles that are showing up near the square foot garden, but I don't want to take down the turkey proof netting over there because those turkeys will flatten everything and stab all the tomatoes and cucumbers.
The main stalker around here is, of course, Jesse; and he doesn't care about Japanese beetles either.  I came upon him sitting at the end of the driveway surveying his kingdom late this afternoon.  I enjoy drawing his four-storied back view.  He immediately plopped down into an alert pose, but before I could work on his face (which looks kind of lambey I think, something wrong with the ears), he had gone into a roll.
Coming out of his roll he got very alert and interested in something in the grass and ivy patch between our house and our neighbor's.  I like the pose in 2744, one I rarely catch him in.  He was digging in the ground.
In 2745 he's resting on his elbow for a few minutes but keeping his eyes on the ground.  Then he creeps over to the ivy patch in full pounce mode.  I am intrigued by his backbend in 2748.  He's still in the ivy but braced on his front paws with a decided backbend going on.  He looks like someone doing upward-facing-dog or sphinx pose in yoga.

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