Monday, August 26, 2013

What Is the Name of This Set?

I asked my husband, who has traveled with me often, "What is the name of this set?"  He studied drawings 385- 391 and said, "Heavy things?" 

"Close," I answered, "But you need to be more specific."

A light went on and he got it right away:  "Heavy things you've brought home in your carry-on luggage and had to leave clothes behind in order to fit them in."

So, beginning at the top on the right: an antique iron bought at a flea market in Palazzone, Italy, and carried home along with its companion iron (on the left, below) in a clanking canvas bag;  and below on the left in addition to iron number 2, three metal zappa heads found in a hardware store in Po' Bandino one of the summers I lived and gardened in Italy. ( A zappa is an Italian hoe, the best gardening tool I've ever found.  I brought three home that summer, one for me and two as gifts); and on the right below, a lovely ceramic brick-like plaque that I found in a trash dump outside the train station in Chagney, France, last May, and that is probably an old garden edge brick.  This is one of three that I hauled home.  Then there's the weighty glass muller for grinding pigments and that I found in Florence in Zecchi's art supply shop.  It combined the benefits of being both heavy AND fragile!  And finally, a really pretty chunk of the freize from the old Jax brewery in New Orleans.  One of my brothers rescued some pieces of this when they were tearing down the brewery, and he offered me one of them when I visited shortly afterwards.  I took it home by train, and use it as a  stand for a pot with a bonzai olive tree.

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  1. Great pages Gwen! I love how these came out. Now I know what a zappa is! :)