Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Studio, Messy; Woods, Damp

While drinking my morning tea (left), I drew a corner of my studio, kind of scary!

These enormous trees are in the old growth part of the forest that I often walk through.  These trees are well over a hundred years old and were left undisturbed when the north face of the mountain was cut for lumber in the early 20th century. I left off the leaves because my interest here was in the patterns and shapes of the trunks and lower branches.  If I stand in front of one of these giants and reach my arms across I can barely reach from side to side, certainly not encircle the trunk.  They're full of scars and round growths and twisted branches and holes.

Walking up the trail I saw so many mushrooms, including one pure white one covered with velvety white hairs.  Another was a puffball with a hole in the top through which spores had blown.  Also saw some squaw root with little seeds coming off the blackened, rotting cone-like body of the plant.  I also picked up some clay samples, just fingersful.  I found the four colors here within a few yards of each other along the trail.  Monday night my journal group is coming over to go clay gathering for paint-making, and I wanted to check out the accessibility of the clay deposits in all this rain.  We will need boots!


  1. love those earths as well as the sense of woods here

  2. the clays are great around here!