Monday, August 12, 2013

Day in Printer Hell

Today began with printer problems.  I've been trying to print out 100 copies of a little catalog for a set of small artists' books, and my faithful old Epson just balked at the job.  It reluctantly printed 25 copies and then began to be unable to move the paper into itself.  After much troubleshooting and an attempt to clean the little feed wheel, and after literally baking my paper in a 200 degree oven to try and remove some of the dampness from it, I gave up.   I did the drawing on the right while repeatedly nudging the printer to get the papers through it.

We took a break to go get something to eat and then go in search of a printer.  The pepper shaker on the left was on the table at the restaurant.  On the right is my shiny new printer, which I have been unable to get completely installed.  Everything goes well until the last bit of the installation CD, when everything freezes up.  After four attempts we have given up for the night.  Jesse slept through the while process of aborted installation.  I can't even download drivers because the customer support page lacks the "download drivers" button that it says to press.  It's after midnight,  Enough for one day!

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