Friday, August 9, 2013

A Little of This, A Little of That

Sitting in my friend Linda's kitchen today I drew her lovely bunch of onions that are hanging from a post.  Later we went for a walk and found some persimmons.  I have never seen these growing here.  First, a leaf.

Then some persimmons!  These didn't look edible, at least not by us.  They have interesting leafy tops, and a few were split open showing large white seeds.

Late this afternoon I went to my grandson Jacob's first marching band concert.  He had been at band camp for the past week and a half.  He'll start high school in a few weeks, and he plays the trombone, just like his Dad and his uncle did in high school.  This high school band, which his Dad played in about 25 years ago, is truly amazing.  I thought how exciting it must be for Jacob to  be a part of that wonderful sound that they made.  He played trombone in middle school, but never before has he been part of such a large, well-coordinated and energetic band.

At the opposite end of the spectrum from yesterday's back pack are two tiny mini-wallets that I made for a friend today.  Michelle is headed off to Penland for two weeks and wanted something very small to carry in her pocket to hold her ATM card and a few bills.  I made these out of a bird seed bag and a rabbit food bag.  One has a gusset to make it hold a bit more change or a greater number of bills.  The other is smaller and flatter but still has good pouchiness even without a gusset.  These are new designs for us and not on our site yet.  We're going to make some 5 x 6" for a shop in  Black Mountain to sell as make-up bags.  I tested one out as a toiletries case when we were in New Jersey recently, and found it very convenient.  (I lost it to Nate, who wanted to keep it to carry toy trains and lip balm tubes and beads.)

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