Thursday, August 15, 2013

More Things Around the House

To continue yesterday's theme, on the right side page at the top left, my grandmother's xmas tree ornament, dating from around 1916, according to my mother.  This was supposedly a World War I war-time xmas tree ornament made out of wooden beads strung together with elastic thread.  It's one of the first tree ornaments I can remember.  It's a red goose with a sort of WatchBird face.  On the right, a bronze cat holding a tray that usually holds stray beads or paperclips.  Both these things are under 4" tall.

Another ceramic head made by David, this time signed D 2 with the "2" written as a superscript (D squared, or DD).  This one is smaller than yesterday's.  As I was drawing it I was aware of how hand-built ceramics hold fingermarks so wonderfully.  And on the right, a tiny ceramic box with a lid topped by a couple of beads held on with a wire and made by my friend Ann's cousin, Patricia Hankins.

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