Tuesday, August 27, 2013

things unrelated to each other

Doing a phone posting tonight of a minimal drawing day. In the upper left is part of the bakery case at CitycBakery. No cake pops today but some very fancy cupcakes next to s few pieces of buttermilk coffee cake. The sandwich guy was super fast today so I could draw only a couple of things.

On the right is a fine old wooden cigar store Indian that looks like it was sculpted with a chain saw. It was in a window next to Thai Orchid, where they are now making paper flower straw ends (drawing # 394). On the right side of the page is our little red glass salt chicken, and below that an object that would fit in yesterday's heavy things set-- a shoe thing made of metal that I believe is a mold used in shoe making. I use it as a studio weight.

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