Friday, August 30, 2013

Drawing while Walking

I logged nearly five hours of walking today, and all these drawings were done on the run.  On the left, a dead luna moth that I spotted in the road early today.  It was perfect except for being squashed and missing parts of the long tail sweeps.  There is nothing like its honeydew melon-green color.  I won't even attempt to reproduce it!

On the right are two clay samples from the Mountains to the Sea Trail that my friend Annie and I hiked this morning.  The view below the clay samples I drew from an overlook where we stopped for a short break.  We sat on large flat rocks and looked out over the mountains to what I am guessing is the southwest. 

Annie's one-year-old grand daughter Lilyanne was with us, riding on Annie's back most of the time.  At the overlook we let her out so she could crawl around a bit, and I tried to get a few sketches of her constantly-moving little body.  In drawing 418 she's looking up trying to catch raindrops on her chubby face.  She was a great hiking companion!

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