Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Odd Little Things

Today the humidity and temperature both dropped to below 80!  In celebration of the lovely cool dryness, I drew a bunch of little things that live in our house and have done so for years and years.  On the right at the top, a glazed ceramic head fashioned by my son David when he was around 8 years old.   Below that is a very rough bisque-fired porcelain head that I made long ago.  It has an open head in which I put business cards.

On the left at the top is a bisque-fired bird's head.  I think it was meant to be a whistle, but it doesn't actually whistle.  On the bottom is an exquisite pair of tiny hands meant to be children's hands, made by a friend.  I keep them in a small match box on a shelf.  On the right, a papier mache doll that was made in Mexico but which I bought in Austin, TX, when I was there for a conference that happily spanned Day of the Dead and thus involved some out-of-conference activities
At the top a floppy old cloth baby doll .  It was given to us when my youngest son was born.  The friends who gave it to him said they thought it looked exactly like him, and we agreed.  The doll was well-loved and is in pretty rough shape now, but I still keep it on a bookshelf in our hallway.  ANd at the bottom is a little clay bird that my mother brought to us when she visited us once.  She told me "Think of me whenever you look at this," and I do.  It sits on the shelf over my computer table.

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