Thursday, March 2, 2017

Short Catch Up

On the right is Abby's Hello Kitty birthday cake made by Kerstin, with strawberry licorice whiskers and bow.
Yesterday E, K, N, P and I went to MoMA for a behind-the-scenes tour of the conservators' lab.  Walking to the train we saw buds on trees, one of which is on the left.  On the train I drew Nate and Erik while the train juddered and swerved.
One, only one, drawing from the museum, this little Taiuber-Arp sculpture.  The conservator's lab tour was fascinating.  E and K had won it at Nate's school auction.  We got to watch over a conservator's shoulder while she repaired the old frame of a Gauguin.  Around the lab we saw a Picasso and  a Matisse  from a couple of inches away.  Astonishing! 

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  1. How cool you got to see that! Wow! You sure are bookin'! ♥