Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Evening in the Sheep Pen

Three giant wooly mamas and their three tiny lambs are settling down as the sun sets and the air cools.
Actually the babies are still bouncing around.
Two of the mamas settle down to chewing their cuds --
 Finally a couple of the babies settle, each near its own mother.
One mother flops like a sack of meal on an old chicken ladder while her baby dozes underneath.
All babies are now down but this mom stares at me and chews until I finish drawing.  As I walk away she turns her head to look at me.  The sheep make lots of little burping sounds.  I hadn't known that sheep chew cuds.


  1. These drawings of your sheep make me miss lambing time.
    When our ram was alive this time of year was bouncy with
    fluffy lambs. Wonderful drawings!

  2. Thanks Patty. I'm pleased that these drawings remind you of sweet times!