Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Four Days

My favorite view through the woods of Mike and Andi's house, from the bedroom window at the little house next door where we stay.
View of the back field where we have played wide games on deep blue and firefly-lit summer nights.
Back to that hygge spot on the sofa, this time with Smokey hugging Andi's ankle and Rosie snoozing nearby.
And more of the same.  No one, including me, wants to move!
On to Waterbury by train to see our friend Ann in her new cozy apartment-- a bowl of light balanced among tree limbs!  A's places are as good as museums for wonderful objects to draw.  Here are a Vietnamese hand broom, a Velveteen Rabbit of a donkey that was A's first plush toy as a baby, and a tiny silver shaker from Thailand that is filled with exotic spices.
Here's one paper plant pot with lemon tree seedlings that A grows from seeds from grocery store lemons.  A ceramic olive oil jar  from the kitchen is on the right.
On the left is a small ceramic salt bowl from A's kitchen.  On the right is a hand-lettered sign from the wall of a cafe in Maplewood (which I squeezed in to this page for my friend Annie, who sent me the 10,000 drawings slogan from a wall three years ago, and thereby launched me on this journey).
A took us to the lovely Red Hen bakery, where this large fish paper lantern is suspended from the ceiling.  It was from the town's River of Light festival and had been made by one of the bakers.  Also made by a baker:  this delicious fig-anise roll, to die for!
A couple of last minute Waterbury sketches--
And onto Maplewood again by train.  On the left is part of the frozen/slushy dam at Bellows Fall, VT.  On the right is a passenger standing ready to get off the train at New Haven.
Two guys having a smoke break out on the chilly train platform.
And in Maplewood it's spring!  P and I strolled through the park this morning amd saw duck couples in the lagoon-like stream.
And blooming crocuses!

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