Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Blind Contours

One of the first lessons in Drawing 1 is the dreaded Blind Contour Drawing.  To successfully do this, you must slowly trace the outer edge of your non-drawing hand with your eyes while equally slowly drawing that contour on your paper without looking at the paper.  A good blind contour drawing takes a long time because you pretend to be an ant crawling along the contour,  registering every blip and detail. Good blind contour drawings are replete with articulation.  
Here's a detail of my page that was shown above.  I had decided to do blind contour drawings of the mountains I could see from the valley below our house today.  It was dark and cloudy with a few raindrops spattering down.  After I did the mountains and my eyes felt great from tracing distant contours, I squatted down and did blind contour drawings of four little spring flowers.

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